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Sukie's Naruto Tv Review


Rated: 8

…Mmmm…if after all my sweat and tears you are not at the store buying the anime…!!!!

This anime will make anyone who crack at fart jokes ROFL…yab yab…and that is a 1000000% chance likely…if no…you I’ll make you an chocolate ice-cream sundae!!!!!! Mmmmm… But if you like dirty jokes…or no jokes at all…this is soooooo not the series for you…

Also Naruto is really simple and easy to understand, if animes like Inuyasha is university level, then Naruto has got to be kindergarten…or less…

Though simple Naruto is FILLED with originality…and I mean TONS OF IT!!!!!!! I think this is the only anime with ninjas…really cool…

I loved this anime…though I haven’t seem many episodes of it…I read 6 mangas, and was REALLY pleased…[which hardly

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Sukie's Chobits Tv Review


Rated: 8

Finally, I think "Chobits" is a good anime. I can’t give it any more because, love and emotions don’t really go with me…I’m a morbid person…and Chobits is sad…but just too happy sometimes…I’m really sorry…but overall, I think is isn’t a MASTERPIECE. I have only seen 3 episodes so far, .

I think that over all, all mature teen can take this series…but it has some funny dirty jokes…YAB!!! [ex.

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Sukie's Loveless Tv Review


Rated: 10

Mmmm... well after my blah about the plot , art, and the sound you soundn't be here reading this!!!! YOU SHOULD BE DOWNLOADING LOVELESS!!!!!!!

From my point or view, this anime SURE has originality...and LOTS of it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean you don't see Loveless style of fighting on T.V EVERYDAY!? Then there is the fact that gay animes are never THIS good!!!!!!!!

Humor...Mmmm...if you think i girl rejecting guy just because of his height if funny...then...DOWNLOAD LOVELESS!!!!!! (though Loveless is not really full of is filled with feelings, love and hate...etc.) But i promise you it will make you LOL... if it doesn't you can have my lunch money...

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